Manual displacement platform What should I pay attention to during installation?

Publish Time: 2024-06-11
There are several key details to pay attention to when installing the Manual displacement platform to ensure its normal operation and extended service life. Here are a few aspects to pay attention to during installation:

Preparation before installation

Confirm the installation location: First, you need to determine the installation location of the Manual displacement platform to ensure that it meets the requirements of use and that there is enough space for installation and operation.

Check the integrity of the equipment: Before installation, check whether the Manual displacement platform and its accessories are complete, damaged or missing.

Precautions during installation

Base adjustment:

Determine the placement of the base and use a level to adjust it to ensure that the base is completely horizontal.

Use screws to fix the base in place to ensure stability and reliability.

Slide installation:

Place the slide steadily on the base and align it with the base.

Check whether the slide moves smoothly on the base to ensure that there is no jamming.

Angle of traction rope outlet:

Pay special attention to the angle of the traction rope outlet during installation. Try to make the traction rope slide in a straight line from the outlet to the mechanism of the moving part when working.

Keep the angle deviation to a minimum to ensure the measurement accuracy and the life of the steel cable.

Avoid external damage:

The traction rope itself is stainless steel with a fluorine coating, and should be protected from external forces such as burning, cutting, and impact.

Excessive accumulation of chips, dust, or items that are enough to damage the steel cable stored in the internal pulley or outlet will cause the steel cable to break and cause a malfunction.

Handling of non-linear motion mechanisms:

If used in a non-linear motion mechanism, please install appropriate pulleys to operate and constrain the curved motion to the linear motion.

Post-installation inspection and testing

Fixed inspection: After confirming that the slide and the guide rail are adjusted correctly, use screws to fix the Manual displacement platform to the installation position and ensure that it remains stable and level.

Functional test: After installation, perform a functional test and use the handle to control the movement of the slide to observe its accuracy and stability, as well as the repeatability of positioning at different positions.

Through the above steps and precautions, it can be ensured that the Manual displacement platform is properly handled during the installation process, providing a basis for its subsequent stable operation and use.

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