Red Mobile Manual Sliding Table

MTSD02-1002-20 (without position display)

Compact structure, small size, smooth, quiet, wear-resistant, intuitive and visual distance adjustment

The manual displacement platform is an instrument for optical processing, and it is mainly a processing device used in positioning, moving, and fixture alignment. This manual stage is divided into automatic and manual. It is also divided into coarse adjustment and fine adjustment.
Key features of manual stages include:
High-quality material: 304 stainless steel is used as a whole, which has better rigidity and stability. After replacing the vacuum special grease, it can be used in a vacuum environment.
Advanced structure: except for the size of 12.7mm, four extension springs are used to distribute the elastic force more evenly.
Precise adjustment: use the latest fine-tooth precision grinding thread pair, and the thread pair has a unique locking mechanism, which effectively improves stability and sensitivity.


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